Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How FAST Search for SharePoint Fits into SharePoint 2010 (en-US)

Some very good information, especially on how people search fits in the grand scheme of things:

How FAST Search for SharePoint Fits into SharePoint 2010 (en-US)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Network Error When Using Open with Windows Explorer on a Folder of a SharePoint Document Library

Got error message: Windows cannot access "the path", You do not have permission to access "the path". Contact your network administrator to request access.

Here is how I trouble shoot the problem:

For me, the problem happens only on one particular SharePoint document library folder, and the problem applies to multiple client workstations too, so the problem is not caused by a particular workstation.

And all users accessing the folder using Windows Explorer run into the same problem too.

Checked SharePoint permissions and it is not an issue. 

I also tried the solution from, but no help.

Also copied the folder, using Powershell Export-SPWeb and Import-SPWeb into a different SharePoint site and the problem persists too.

After copied all the files to brand new folder, using Powershell, the problem is still there. This tells me that the problem is not related to the folder, but is caused by one or more files in the folder.

Eventually I identified the file which causes the pain. There is carriage return and/or line feed in the file name. After I copied the file name to Notepad then copied the text from Notepad back to SharePoint, the problem is gone.

A good reference on File Name, Length, Size and Invalid Character Restrictions and Recommendations

Friday, July 13, 2012

Get-FASTSearchContentCollection Error Message

When execute Get-FASTSearchContentCollection -Name "sp"
Get the following error message: Get-FASTSearchContentCollection : Failed to communicate with the WCF service.

I was running the PowerShell window as administrator. However I need to run the PowerShell window with FAST user account. To access "Run as different user", hold down the Shift key while right - click the "Microsoft FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint".

Thanks to Corey Roth for the solution!

Modify Names of FAST Search Service Applications Databases

Modify Names of FAST Search Service Applications Databases

Using PowerShell to automate FAST Installation and Configuration:

Configuring FAST for SharePoint 2010 Using PowerShell