Friday, March 11, 2011

Expiration Policy Timer job does not seem to run

Copied from this post:


The policy is run once a day, however fortunately you can start it manually. Using Central Admin->Operations->Information Management Policy Configuration, I clicked on the Expiration policy link. Then within there clicked "Process Expired Items Now". Looked at the Timer Job Status (Central Admin->Operations->Timer Job Status) and there was no reference of the Expiration Policy.

Looked within Timer Job Definitions (just under the Timer Job Status link) and a timer job had been created called "Expiration Policy (manually initiated)" but it had never been run. Actually neither had the daily "Expiration Policy". I went back to the Information Management Policy Configuration and into the Expiration policy. The "Process Expired Items Now" button was greyed out, to clear this I ended up deleting the "Expiration Policy (manual initiated)" timer job. This enabled the "Process Expired Items Now" button... however nothing.

Other things that I tried included stsadm -o execadmsvcjobs - though nanda.

Then I thought about the fact that the job had never been run and I found this article

Following the instructions sorted the problem...